Fat Bob's Hair Goo is a fictional micro startup company that offers small hand-crafted batches of men's hair products.
SCOPE OF PROJECT:  Logo-Product Label Combination
CHALLENGE:  They needed a logo and packaging that would make them stand out from their competitors while they get a toe-hold in the crowded hair product market. The budget was tight, so they needed to get the most bang for their buck.
SOLUTION: Since their budget was extremely tight, they needed a logo that could serve multiple purposes. This design works as a logo, a product label, and a t-shirt design, with many other possibilities later on. The font is clean and bold, and the cartoon skulls are distinctive to help their products stand out and attract their target audience, those of the punk and rockabilly persuasions. Keeping it one color helps keep production costs down and with different colors and slight text alterations each style has a distinctive label that is still right on brand, which can be expanded on as new styles are added.
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