Archie Thompson Entertainment books live musical acts, does music production and recording, and supplies custom music for film, television, and advertising. Higher Calling Records produces authentic, meaningful music in association with the Jazz Vespers program at First Presbyterian Church of San Diego.
SCOPE OF PROJECT:  Logo Designs and Business Card Designs
CHALLENGE: The original design brief called for two distinct logos for two separate, but related businesses, Archie Thompson Entertainment, and Higher Calling Records. The logos needed to be similar enough to look related but different enough to stand on their own.
SOLUTION: We used the same font and color scheme for both logos. For ATE we went with a circular badge design featuring a vintage microphone. For HCR an abstract record element in a rectangle layout fit the bill. I also did a black-and-white version of each.
The first set of business cards featured one business on each side. Later on, Archie requested a version of white on black cards. When he got into doing music for films and such, he requested another version with a golden rod background.
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