I'm freelance designer, Robert Wiles, thanks for stopping by. My style is inspired by a wide range of sources: architecture, history, music, books, movies, and such, but I really get jazzed by many of the off-beat elements of the world, especially from the Atomic Age: tiki bars, pinups, burlesque & vintage smut, film noir, schlocky old sci-fi, classic cars, old signs, weird roadside attractions and things of that nature. This makes my work appealing to many vintage enthusiasts and retrophiles, as well as those of the rock-n-roll persuasion.
I've been designing for quite a while now, but I still like to keep learning, so in between gigs I do a lot of independent study and experimentation. Most of my digital work is created in Adobe Illustrator, but I also work with a number of other Adobe programs such as Photoshop and InDesign. If you would like to work with me just fill out a contact form or shoot me an email.
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