The Portland style (the original).
The Vancouver style.
This Seattle style.
The one in the top left corner was a strong contender even with the text and nautical stars being off balance, and it would have been a perfectly acceptable solution with some adjustments and tweaks, but in the end I went back to the checkerboard pattern.
More adjustments and experimenting, and I actually thought that the bottom right corner version might be the one, but after setting on it for a week or so, I decided it was too cramped and too busy.
In these first four versions I was really just weeding out the crap.
Out with the checkerboard pattern again, and with a little more experimenting and some minor tweaks I got to these two cleaner versions for the finalists. They are very similar, but I finally chose the one on the right as the final winner.
Before I started I had the color scheme in mind: black, olive green and white. I also knew that I wanted to make a few variations at the end for different styles of pomade.

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